Digital Technology

There is a critical need for technology talent around the world.  Technology has now become prevasive in organizations big and small.  Having talented and reliable IT staff is a necessity for any business trying to grow.  Every sector is finding technology innovation core to the way they reach new markets, expand their product or service offering, or streamline their production.  The days of computer programmers sitting in a corner and coding and not interacting with their fellow employees...are gone!  This outdated portrayal of IT practitioners as being 'geeks' is now a challenge that organizations need to address.  


Some of the other serious challenges include: 

  • Baby boomers retiring on mass - the Grey Tsumami! 

  • Not enough tech graduates to meet business needs

  • Graduates lacking the skills that business require 

    • Tech skills and Soft skills  


But technology is getting ahead of the labor force. There simply are not enough people graduating with the skills that business requires. Technology leaders are under seige.  CIO's must keep the legacy hardware and software going while also leading the digital transformation of the organization.  Modern technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, security, social, mobile, analytics and cloud are some of the areas where technology skills are in demand.   


Traditional talent strategies are not enough to ensure that organizations have the tech talent they need. Waiting until someone resigns or the CEO hands you a new project that involves an in-demand technology skill isn't a solution.  To solve the tech talent shortage problem requires new thinking.  At LegacyNEXT we call this 'The Tech Skills Gap Reimagined'.   


Some of the areas that need to be explored in this 'rubicks cube' of a problem include:  Innovative hiring practices and the use of data analytics to expand openness to non-traditional hiring.  Expanded models for training that prepare students in months not years and encourage employer on-the-job training apprenticeships.   Presenting ICT jobs in new and interesting ways and eliminating the age old perception of IT as a profession of 'geeks with pocket protectors'.  


At LegacyNEXT we have researched all aspects of the technology skills gap and best practices from around the world.  We can assist you in fast-tracking the creation of a Tech Skills Gap Master Plan for your organization.  


With a plan in place you can overcome the skills shortage, reduce the risk to your organization by not having the talent you need to maintain existing systems and take on innovation projects, diversity the workforce, become an employer of choice and contain hiring costs!

       Reduce Risk | Achieve Control | Optimize Resources | Control Costs 

"It is critical for organizations to have ICT professionals that can manage and maintain the legacy applications and systems as they are the ‘keys to the castle’ of client information and records in most organizations. The LegacyNEXT  leadership brings the understanding of the structure, skills and operational viewpoints required to align to the future skills requirements to help develop effective skills development plans."
Roberta J. Fox, Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer, FOX GROUP Technology (
FOX GROUP works with clients to help organizations procure and deploy next generation telecom, network and contact centre technology solutions that improve how people communicate, disregarding device or location.