Struggling to hire Tech Talent?

Article by: Rachel Ranosa 08 Jun 2021

Human Resource Director Canada

Opinion: The skills gap is complicated because there are so many moving parts. Companies can get ahead of the skills gap by looking at all of their current processes for hiring and recruiting and making sure they are as talent friendly as possible. This advice is good for any industry segment - not just tech! This is a great article with lots of practical advice.

The digital economy is expected to create a demand for 150 million new tech jobs in the next five years. Yet the current reskilling crisis is reportedly preventing the world’s workforce from taking on emerging digital roles, according to analysis from the World Economic Forum.

The skills gap is only one part of the equation, however. Even among seasoned tech workers and those beginning to make career shifts into the IT industry, certain barriers such as poor recruitment practices are keeping tech talent from applying for their dream job. IT talent marketplace Haystack identified common ‘techie turn-offs’.

Lack of salary information

IT roles are among the best paid across industries, but about seven in 10 workers (73%) are put off when a job listing doesn’t come clean about the salary. “Professionals don’t want to waste their time applying for a role only to discover later that the salary does not match or exceed their expectations,” Haystack analysts said.

Adding in this vital piece of info, however, can enhance a company’s employer brand since the organisation would be seen as being transparent. Apart from the reputational boost, companies that publish their salary info also receive 65% more applications.

Too difficult to apply

Enough with the tedious data entry. Most tech workers hold demanding jobs and often don’t have time to manually enter their credentials into a complicated recruitment portal. In fact, more than half of IT talent (52%) immediately drop out of the screening process once they see it’s too difficult or time-consuming to complete.

Read the whole article here: Struggling to hire tech talent? Here's why | HRD Canada (

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