IT departments fear they lack skills to implement IoT

Comment: Tech skills are in great demand however with the arrival of IoT things will get a whole lot more complex. Tech talent must not only have key skills but must understand the intricate connections between them. In addition organizations must be able to recognize opportunities and translate these opportunities into new products and services. Not having the right talent on the team will leave organizations vulnerable to system failures and equally serious - security risks. Susan

Adoption of IoT systems in enterprises is being held back by worries over skills, says a joint report by Capita and Cisco

IT decision makers are concerned that their departments lack the skills and understanding to exploit current technology trends, such as the internet of things (IoT) and big data, according to a research report produced by service providerCapita Technology Solutions (CTS) and networking supplierCisco.

In the report Trends vs Technologies, Capita said it had uncovered a strong disconnect between nine key trends and the ability of enterprises to put in place the technology to make the most of them. The more relevant a trend was considered by CIOs, the less likely they were to say their industry had the requisite skills to make the most of it.

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