Beyond Skills: What your Future Employees Want Most

Editor Comments: This article hits on a very good point about the skills gap. Employers not only need to understand what skills they need but also need to be prepared to invest in training - not just funding the training but ensuring team members are given the time to complete the training. The benefits will be worthwhile.

Article by Mark Creighton Published: 03 June 2021

For years, Avado has felt that the conversation around the UK skills gap isn’t progressing as fast as it needs to.

Despite the best of intentions, a lack of understanding around what skills are required has led to inertia and inaction.

Part of this is because employers haven’t taken the time to assess their business needs, and many have instead resorted to recruitment to fill skills gaps.

On the other hand, those closest to the problem - employers - haven’t been consulted by government bodies trying to repair the gap.

Evidently, some changes need addressing, and quite quickly.

The events of 2020 undeniably compounded the problem.

As a result, we decided to commission independent research into the state of the skills gap across multiple industries. We chose to focus on the attitudes of learning and development leads in comparison to senior executives.

What we found in our report, "Beyond Skills", is that the skills gap is now so wide, it has become a capability chasm. We see a capability as a deep-rooted knowledge or an ability to do something that is not isolated and flows between different skills. Both individuals and businesses have capabilities.

The neglect of learning and development by many organisations means that what was once the lack of a particular skill has broadened into a more serious lack of capabilities. Read the entire article here: Beyond Skills: Taking stock of our nation’s capability gaps (

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