Skills Gap Tip #9 - Don't let the skills gap hold you hostage!

Can't find the people you need for all those tech projects? Get used to it! Baby Boomers are retiring and there simply are not enough people to replace them in this tech centric world.

Winning the Talent Wars will require ingenuity!

Instead of focusing on what you have 'always done' think about how you could do things radically differently!

Low-Code solutions, like SageTea Software ( out of Ottawa, Canada, are now available. They create an environment where 'citizen developers' with detailed knowledge of the business, can create app's with no programming knowledge.

Speedy, iterative development is possible!

Companies with Low-Code platforms, like SageTea, with their patented Text-to-Software and SageTea Link, make it possible to rapidly deliver business applications and tap into the data locked in legacy systems. Using these tools help organization be more agile, in an ever evolving world. In fact with Text-to-Software it you can write the business requirements 'Text-to-Software' will create the software application for you!

Some of the reasons organizations should think about these new game changing software platforms include:

  • The IT team can’t keep up with the backlog of business demands

  • Shadow IT is creeping into the business more and more

  • Software development talent is getting difficult to hire

Finding talented IT staff is proving incredibly difficult and a major challenge for CIOs. In the past development was the sole responsibility of the IT department. With Low-Code development, companies can utilize their business experts. The result is a situation in which individuals can get apps faster, with less work, allowing IT leaders to better support operational demands while also preventing development from bogging down their employees.

So, if you are faced with the challenges of the skills gap - it's time to use your creativity and be open to a paradigm shift in how applications are developed - and by whom! Low-Code could be your secret weapon for digital transformation!

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