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Bridging India's Skill Gap

Editor's Comments: Like many other countries around the world, India could face a skills gap due to new technologies, ever changing skills requirements and outdated curricula. The good news is that unlike many countries they have a young and vibrant population. The report recommended that higher education leaders and institutions need to evolve traditional educational models; address key challenges in filling the skills gap; and embrace applied educational experiences, emergent technologies, and industry and government partnerships to keep up with today’s ever-changing skills requirements. If you are interested in the skills gap this is a very interesting study.


IBM announced a study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit to evaluate India's growing skills challenge and proposed recommendations to bridge the gap. The study, "Upskilling India," found that a majority of Indian executives surveyed in the study said that the quality and quantity of skills in the Indian workforce are at least comparable to those of other countries, and many reported them to be superior. However, only 40 percent indicated new employees in local labor markets have the requisite job skills. 61 percent of India's higher education leaders said that the education system is unable to respond to society's changing needs. Download the report.

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