Transitioning from war to workforce under the new ‘Forever’ GI Bill

Editor's Comments: This is an excellent and insightful article by Elizabeth Mann, on the benefits of the new GI Bill. It certainly could help to close the skills gap!


The largest expansion of college aid for military veterans in a decade, the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017, is poised to become the newest update to the GI Bill. The core mission of the GI Bill since its creation in 1944 is to support veterans and their families through education. While this mission remains constant, the specific policies implemented through six iterations of the GI Bill have changed over time. These changes often reflect broader concerns about national security and the American economy, and the newest iteration of the bill is no exception.

Today, Americans may be most familiar with one of the core components of the GI Bill: It provides 100 percent of in-state tuition for veterans and their families. The bill that the House recently passed unanimously, coined the “Forever” GI Bill, maintains this provision while making several important changes, including eliminating the 15-year expiration date of education benefits and providing additional payment for veterans studying the STEM fields. These legislative updates simultaneously support veterans and their families as well as aim to reduce the skills gap in the U.S. workforce. Read the whole article.

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