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Skill Gap Affects Cybersecurity

Editor's Comments: This article provides some practical advice for companies trying to fill Cyber Security openings.


The skill gap is affecting almost each and every aspect of an organization, including cybersecurity. According to Cyber Seek, while there are 128,000 job openings for Information Security Analysts in the US, only 88,000 have been filled, indicating a talent shortfall of 40,000 cybersecurity analysts. The unavailability of adequately qualified talent is making digital infrastructure and privacy of some organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks.

As companies evolve to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, and as they digitally transform, cybersecurity skills will be more difficult to find and are expected to become more expensive to hire. Given this, attracting the right talent is expected to become more challenging and difficult.

Per Gartner, organizations can increase their chances of hiring the right talent by changing how they recruit and by offering such opportunities to their existing employees. It recommends the following:

1. Job Postings: Ensure that job postings are simple, enticing and accurate. Organizations should find out the minimum requirements for the post/role and list only those points. They should decide what certifications are necessary and only ask for those. The company culture is also reflected in job postings. Gartner suggests that organizations should evaluate their existing culture, find out if it is attractive or not, and then adjust the job posting to make it innovative, fresh and enticing. Read entire article.

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