The bigger picture: the right mainframe talent for the workplace

The digital revolution is changing the face of IT and the skill requirements of those doing the work. Do businesses have the right talent for the future, and what about the mainframe world?

Editor's Comments: This article hits on many of the things that I emphasize with clients. The key to closing the skills gap is being able to recognize you have a problem, build a plan and then execute the components of the plan - whether it be employee branding, new tools, apprenticeships, training initiatives or new partnerships.

Join the dots

In the digital world, everything is a connected. And that includes big back-office “systems of record” on mainframes, as much as the Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile devices. This hyper-connected world of unprecedented nodes and connections is proving harder and harder to manage: our connected world is a complex world.

The trouble with all that complexity, of course, is that you need a whole bunch of smart people to manage it. And this creates a major skills headache for each organisation.

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Skilfully done

A smart move might be to train staff on the emerging standard technologies to ensure you have enough technical staff to deal with all the innovation. However, even agreeing the right technical skills is tricky.

The right “standard” is a largely subjective view in an ever changing IT skills market. What’s popular, what’s growing, what is useful in academia versus business, what is enterprise scale, what’s for the hobbyist, what’s simple to learn, what’s intellectually challenging – these are all factors and indicators. Skills in demand include DevOps, IT security and AI, but more specifically IT languages such as Java, JS, C#, Ruby, Python, C and C++. Read the whole Article

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