Hiring for niche skills: How can organizations champion niche hiring?

A discussion on the challenges and opportunities presented by niche role hiring, for TA leaders and organizations. (The session ‘Hiring for Niche Skills’ was held at the Talent Acquisition Leadership League Conference on 9th June 2017)

Editor's Comments: The approach that you are using for your regular hires, may not work for niche hires. Start by defining what your company means by a niche hire and then develop a plan around recruiting these folks to your organization.

Over the years, with the ever-evolving business environment and technology, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to compartmentalize and delineate job roles, as also the skills needed to excel in them. In such a convoluted scenario, hiring individuals for such arcane roles becomes all the more challenging.

In order to define what constitutes ‘niche’, and to discuss its implications on organizations’ TA processes, People Matters recently conducted a fireside chat with Rachel Fitton (APAC Talent Acquisition Leader, HP), Satya D Sinha (Founder & CEO: Mancer Consulting) and Ritwik Lukose Co-founder & CEO, Vahura), moderated by Anshula Verma (Director and National Head-Talent Acquisition, E&Y). Following are some of the key takeaways and insights, from the session.

Niche hiring is fun!

Right at the outset, Rachel posited that niche hiring is very exhilarating; as it gives companies the opportunity to test their recruiters. Rather than looking at niche hiring as a complex and challenging task, recruiters should consider it as an opportunity to create some fun roles in the organization, she said. In order to do that, TA professionals would need to get a stronger grip on the ever-changing niches. Read the whole article.

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