New Course Brings Older Tech Workers Back to the Office

Editor's Comments: Countries around the world are facing skills gaps and people shortages. Israel is implementing an innovative program that recognizes the value of older skilled engineering workers. Ironically it is the retirements from the workforce of baby boomers that is partially to blame for the gap.


YERUSHALAYIM - The shortage of high-tech workers has prompted the Labor and Welfare Ministry to bring back retired engineers, with a new training course that will help them update their skills. The first course will open in early July, and provide 320 hours of training for workers, providing them with exposure to the latest technology.

Helping to run the course is Yehuda Zisapel, President of the Rad-Bynet Group.

“Companies are having a hard time finding workers,” he told TheMarker. “Each year some 3,000 to 4,000 engineers leave the market because of various reasons. Some of them are managers and there is nowhere for them to advance in their companies, while others find that their skills have become outdated. Education is a way for them to bring them back to the workplace, with new skills that the market needs.” Read the whole article.

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