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In Kenya Real estate players decry shortage of skilled plumbers, masons

Editor's Comments: The construction industry in Canada and the U.S. is facing a similar shortage of skilled artisans such as plumbers, masons and painters. One of the critical first steps to closing this gap is for parents and guidance teachers to encourage their children to go into the skilled trades.


Investors in the real estate sector have decried the shortage of skilled artisans in the industry.

Their concern is that there are more engineers and architects that universities are producing than number of middle-level diploma and certificate holders graduating in tertiary institutions.

This, they say, has led to to a serious labour imbalance in the crucial sector and have called for training in tertiary institutions to bridge the widening gap.

At the Coast for instance, there are at least 1,000 architects and engineers, against about 200 trained artisans specialising in masonry, plumbing and painting, a situation that should ordinarily be the other way round, Kenya Projects founder and chief executive officer David Kanyi notes.

“It’s very serious since we already have a crisis and if we go on like this the construction sector is likely to get into a halt in the near future,” he said in an interview.

Limited numbers

The limited number of artisans in the relevant fields has led to poor workmanship on major projects, and in some instances, sections of a house have to be demolished and redone after engineers assess the works and find them to be of low standards, he said. Read the whole article.

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