Kenya retains more aged staff as skills dearth crisis persists

Up to 1,707 government employees in managerial and technical positions are past the retirement age of 60 but have been retained due to a skills shortage that has hampered their replacement.

A public service report released last week indicates that retained workers who are aged above 61 account for 0.57 per cent of the government workforce, excluding Teachers Service Commission staff and those in State agencies.

The aged workforce adds to about 1,707 based on the total 299,500 workers in county governments and those in ministries.

The old blood retention has been blamed on lack of a mentoring programme in public service for junior staff to succeed their seniors in executive roles.

“The challenge of ageing workforce has partly been addressed through retention in service beyond the mandatory retirement age to provide more time to mentor successors or recruit replacement, employment on contract terms and recruitment in critical areas among others,” says the report.

It says 35 per cent of civil servants are set to retire in the next decade, most of whom are in senior management and technical cadres with critical skills and competencies.

This has cast fears of a skills shortage crisis in top positions alongside a pension headache to private sector workers who pay for the upkeep of retired civil servants. Read the entire article.

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