Editor's Comments: The ageing or 'silver workforce' is a key part of the skills gap and yet few talent strategies take the opportunity of this demographic into account. Whether it is manufacturing or technology the issue is the same - too few people to fill the available jobs and a mismatch between the skills the job requires and those of potential employees.


The ageing workforce is an increasing issue facing modern manufacturing in the UK. Consider your own businesses and think about the age of your current employees.

Approximately 40% of the manufacturing workforce are aged 50+ and will look to retire before too long. Manufacturers should take steps now to make sure their businesses encourage employees to stay longer in their business and develop a talented future workforce.

Retaining older workers is great for business. They’ve got the experience that new staff lack, and by implementing a mentoring scheme, new employees will make fewer mistakes under experienced guidance and learn practical industry tips. Older workers are often less inclined to change jobs than younger colleagues too, helping you stay ahead of the skills gap.

So, what can you do to encourage older employees to stay?Read the whole article.

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