Why The Mainframe should be part of your Digital Ecosystem

Editor's Comments: CA presents a powerful fact based paper that will get you thinking about mainframe in a different way. The security of the mainframe alone should give organizations reason to pause.


The race is on when it comes to innovation in financial services. Whether these companies are introducing a new fintech payments app or advisory app for millennials—traditional and new entrants in financial services need to digitally transform their organizations to compete in a highly volatile application economy. Digital disrupters who fully embrace agile and DevOps practices experience two times more revenue growth and two and a half times profit growth than their peers.2 The ones that succeed understand how to quickly harness insights from big data, empower mobile and self-service, and create new ecosystems. But culture, infrastructure, security and capital allocation remain barriers between ideas and outcomes—and ultimately, success.

Power Your Customer Interactions With Scalability and Trust Mainframes host mission-essential applications that support thousands of applications and devices simultaneously for thousands of users.

In the last five years, the mainframe has evolved to become an integral part of today’s hybrid data center— used in combination with distributed servers and in dynamically reconfiguring software resources, all while applications are running. Mainframes support 70 percent of corporate data, including languages such as Java™ and Linux®, and recently, Docker containers. The new IBM® z13™ machine is proof positive that organizations continue to invest in mainframe computing; the server can process 2.5B daily transactions—the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every single day.3 Read the entire article

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