Addressing the cyber security Skills Gap

Editor's Comments: Trained, experienced and professional cyber security experts are in short supply around the world. The writer has clearly identified the source of this demand - the speed of the tech market, growth in security and adoption of cloud. Taken together this creates a perfect storm.

I agree that education, training and reducing complexity are all part of the answer. In my opinion it is also important to develop a 'security culture' to help reduce your vulnerability and ensure everyone understands the RISKS to the business and their part in being vigilant.


Having trouble finding qualified staff to help you sell, install and service cyber security solutions? Do you have qualified prospects that could be turned into customers if you had more time to craft winning proposals? And are you finding it harder to maintain close communications with clients about upgrades and new products? You are not alone. Trained, experienced and professional cyber security experts are in short supply and the problem will not solve itself any time soon.

What’s driving the shortage? A host of reasons. First is the growth in security. It is estimated that global revenues in the security sector are up 8.6% per annum. Which means that you need 8.6% more people to support the security side of your business.

And then there is the speed of the market. Security updates are literally real-time, which means that up-skilling is a constant battle. And then there is the adaptation of the cloud and the resulting security issues. So more business, faster changes and more complex solutions. It’s the perfect storm. Read the whole article

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