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48% of Businesses, including Healthcare, face big data Skills Gap!

Healthcare providers are among the 48 percent of global businesses suffering from a big data analytics skills gap.

Editor's Comments: Businesses need talent to grow and innovate. Without it they place the business at 'risk'. Forward thinking organizations look at talent as a key to their success and invest in developing a comprehensive talent strategy to address the skills gap.

May 08, 2017 - Nearly half of the global business landscape, including the healthcare industry, are currently unable to find staff with the talent and skills to help them reach their big data analytics goals, according to a new survey from Teradata.

While 96 percent of business leaders believe that a big data analytics strategy is vital for the future success of their enterprises, just six in ten are satisfied with the way they manage their information assets.

Insufficient data analytics talent has been a perennial pain point for the healthcare industry, which has struggled to develop the competences required to extract actionable insight from its treasure trove of clinical, financial, and operational data.

As providers move more deeply into the realm of value-based care and population health management, an agile and robust big data analytics team will become even more critical for maintaining revenue and raising quality.

In addition to deeply entrenched organizations challenges such as lack of executive buy-in, interoperability woes, and budgetary concerns, the scarcity of qualified and experienced talent is a factor that rears its head in nearly every recent industry poll.

In November of 2016, Harvey Nash found that 65 percent of CIOs and IT professionals across various industries believe that technology skills shortages will prevent them from keeping up with the rapid pace of change. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said that data analytics experts in particular are prohibitively difficult to find. Read the whole article

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