State of the Mainframe 2017

Editor's Comments: This annual survey from Syncsort will provide an excellent overview of key aspects of the mainframe space.

The author's report that "mainframe organizations understand that subject matter experts are aging and retiring. Technologies that help address the diminishing pool of mainframe talent and expertise will rise in importance.

New IT professionals entering organizations are not coming in with the exposure and experience needed to backfill and replace existing mainframe subject matter experts. They don’t have the experience with the tools or the technologies currently in use in z/OS environments. New professionals must be armed with tools architected with newer and familiar technologies including easy search, reporting, and analytics facilities enabling them to address the same issues as their predecessors without having to immerse themselves into older toolsets. For this reason, organizations must look to add these newer technologies that can be easily embraced and used to meet corporate challenges, by a newer and younger workforce, with less z/OS expertise." Read the report:

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