Australia to abolish visa for skilled workers

Editor's Comments: Organizations in Australia, like their counterparts in the U.K., Canada and the U.S., have relied on visa programs to plug critical skill shortages in tech areas such as cyber security, cloud and data analytics, over the last few years. The concern is that the visas were being used by businesses to bring in cheaper overseas labour rather than fill genuine skills gaps. Does this sound familiar? We certainly heard this in Canada and had a similar change to the temporary foreign worker visa program.

Closing the skills gap and increasing the number of locally qualified and trained tech workers will require massive co-ordination between business, government and education. The good news is that the government recognizes the importance of growing their own talent pool. Access to skilled talent ensures that digital transformation and innovation initiatives move forward smoothly. Get it right and everyone is happy. Get it wrong and organizations will face a serious talent risk. Susan


The Australian government will replace the 457 visa programme with temporary skills visas to stem the loss of jobs that could go to Australians

In a move that has shocked the IT industry, the Australian government will abolish the 457 visa programme that companies have been relying on to employ skilled overseas workers by March 2018.

In announcing the decision, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the 457 visa scheme had lost its credibility and would be replaced by two temporary skills visas, which will be issued for two or four years, along with tighter regulations around visa holders who would like to take up permanent residency or citizenship later.

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