Vet's can help close the Tech Skills Gap!

Comment from Susan: Tech companies like IBM, Accenture, Amazon and Microsoft are looking for ways to close the skills gap. With limits on immigration and visa restrictions looking to the veteran population to fill vital positions makes a lot of sense.

IBM recently expanded efforts to help one American demographic get involved in technology careers: Military veterans. On Wednesday, IBM unveiled a partnership with PNC and two nonprofits to expand training programs for veterans to work with IBM software.

Earlier in 2017, IBM made a commitment to hire 2,000 veterans for what it calls "new collar" jobs—tech careers that don't necessarily require a traditional four-year degree. Part of that initiative is realized in the Veteran Employment Accelerator program, which provides training, certification, and employment assistance for tech jobs.

The accelerator program was born out of a partnership between IBM and the nonprofit organization Corporate America Supports You (CASY), which helps with veteran job placement. The two met with PNC and the National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA) in Pittsburgh to expand the program in the Pennsylvania city, hosting a training session there, a press release said.

According to the release, the program aims to train and prepare veterans for tech jobs such as data analysts or cybersecurity analysts. IBM is expecting hundreds of veterans across the country to participate in the initiative in 2017.

To read the whole story ...

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