What 9 skills will close the skills gap?

The Business Higher Education Forum is the oldest American organization of senior business and higher education executives. In it's report Building a Nation of Learners it provided a list of nine skills that American workers need to compete in the twenty-first century.

  1. Leadership

  2. Teamwork

  3. Problem solving

  4. Time management

  5. Self-management

  6. Adaptability

  7. Analytical thinking

  8. Global consciousness

  9. Basic communication

This report was published in 2003! I think it has stood the test of time! What do you think?

To read more about the U.S. technology skills gap read the excellent book by Gary Beach, The U.S. Technology Skills Gap: What Every Technology Executive Must Know to Save America's Future. It is available from Amazon or your favourite retailer and is published by Wiley CIO. It will give you a whole new perspective on the skills gap and how it came to be.

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