Netherlands aims to benefit from Brexit in IT Talent Search

Comment: Susan Dineen "More and more countries are looking to use immigration as a way to close the skills gap until their education system can catch-up. It is a good time to be in technology if you have the in-demand skills that companies need."

The Netherlands is positioning itself as the ideal home for ambitious IT professionals from across the world


A shortage of IT professionals is looming for the Netherlands, and the race is on to lure developers, admins, programmers, and other skilled staff. The country is even hoping to capitalize on a Brexit-induced talent exodus from the UK.
And the skills shortage is about to get worse, according to Dutch labour agency UWV. It predicts that a growing number of industries will see their growth limited or even slowed down by a lack of skilled IT staff. The Netherlands’ technology and ICT industries are already experiencing such problems, according to UWV research into current vacancies.

Other industries expected to suffer include healthcare, construction, education and science, which are all substantially IT-driven. UWV said its market research suggested that the growing skills shortage could be a serious problem for years.

One solution is for organizations to train or retrain existing IT personnel and educate job seekers. To this end, UWV has formed a public-private partnership with Microsoft and other IT suppliers and IT training companies. The aim is to show out-of-work IT people which areas of expertise will increase their chances in the job market.

Another solution, suggested by Jaccques van den Broek, CEO of recruitment company Randstad, is to look abroad. Van den Broek called for a proactive immigration strategy to attract highly skilled IT people to the Netherlands and to convince tech talent to settle in the country as it gears up for economic growth.

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