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Skills Gap Tip #9 - Don't let the skills gap hold you hostage!

October 3, 2017

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Crunch time: Government must act to ensure the UK has data skills to remain world leading


Comment: Susan  "This article is spot- on.   We are generating data at an unprecedented rate and to analyze this data and turn it into actionable tactics requires talented data scientists. The challenge is that around the world these folks are difficult to find because they need both tech skills and business skills.  Based upon our thirst for insights into how the consumer thinks - this shortage is not likely to get better in the immediate future .  See my article Searching for Unicorns " 


Across the world, we are generating data at an unprecedented rate  - this fuels the fires of business, and, as we know from work at Nesta, many parts of Government are getting better at extracting insight from this data too.

Not only do we see increasing efficiency of commercial and public services as a result, but this also creates the perfect conditions for innovation and experimentation.


From changes in how we shop, communicate and meet, to the clothes we wear and the gadgets we use, behind the scenes increasingly sophisticated AI and and the gadgets we use, behind the scenes increasingly sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies are being used to analyze and act on our behaviours as consumers.But … in order to capitalize on the potential benefits of AI and machine learning in this analytical process, the UK will require data skills. We know that not all companies are converts when it comes to the value of data to drive decision making in their organizations - in our report, Skills of the Datavores - we called these unbelievers 'Dataphobes'.


Read the entire article by George Windsor and check-out the reports he refers to in the article!

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