Reduce the People Risk

From rapid technological advances to unprecedented tech skills shortages, mega-trends around the world, are driving a greater urgency into reassessing existing tech recruitment practices, as the people side of the equation emerges as the new risk.

With so many demands on performance, the key to success is embedded in talent. Organizations need to be more innovative, they need to be stronger magnets for tech talent and they need to build talent brands and cultures that are diverse and inclusive.

If you don't have the systems and organizational dynamics in place to grow and support your people, you are wasting your money on 'buying' expensive skills. The talent may be great but without an equally great corporate culture they will soon be enticed away.

Corporate cultures don't just happen - they need to be well thought-out, planned and nurtured!

To reduce the risk some of things to focus on include, constant communication with both the team and individual members and a clear organizational structure. Ensure that bureaucracy and unnecessary complexity are kept to a minimum. Create an environment where work is visible and team members are recognized for their accomplishments. If working with virtual, contract, freelance or gig team members invest in understanding how to best support and integrate them into the larger team culture. Implement a continuous improvement program where your tech team can bring forward ideas for improvements to workflow and identify things that are getting in the way is also a simple and inexpensive tactic.

By 2020 countries around the world are anticipating major shortfalls in the labour market. You can get ahead of this forecast and reduce the risk to your organization by investing in a Tech Talent Plan which aligns with your IT strategic plan and corporate goals and objectives.

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