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Diversifying tech: Yes, white men can be part of the solution and not the problem Leadership consult

Comment from Susan: The issue of diversity within tech companies demands new thinking. Why is it that something so obvious as putting more ownership on the shoulders of the men in leadership is something that hasn't been happening?

Tech companies like Google and Intel have poured millions of dollars into diversity programs, while others like Dropbox and Twitter have recently hired chief diversity officers. But amid all of these efforts, the role of white men—who are disproportionately represented in leadership roles—often goes unexamined, a missed opportunity for making positive changes, according to Bill Proudman, co-founder and CEO of the leadership development consulting firm White Men As Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP).

"It's not sustainable to have one section of the population that is disproportionately in senior leadership roles to not see this issue as being about them, but being about everybody else," Proudman said. "You can't bash this group, but you can't afford to candy-coat this issue."

Read the whole article:

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