New Zealand calls for Tech Specialists

"I have been following the skills gap issues in New Zealand for sometime. It is good to see that they take this issue seriously and make the process of bringing new talent onboard as smooth and pain free as possible. There is a lot to be learned from their example. " Susan

New Zealand needs more IT professionals, and is hitting its targets through a mix of training existing residents and attracting new ones

Wellington is as far as you can fly from Heathrow before you start coming back. New Zealand’s capital is almost 19,000km and at least 24 hours away. The city is small by European standards, with only 200,000 people calling it home.

And yet Wellington is a regional technology hub. It is the nation’s biggest technology user and the government is based there. Wellington is also home to Weta Workshop, established by director Peter Jackson to create computer graphics for The Lord of the Rings movies. It is where New Zealand technology entrepreneur Rod Drury began Xero, the small business accounting software-as-a-service market leader. Dozens of small tech startups inhabit buildings all over the small South Pacific city.

New Zealand has a booming home-grown technology sector. It’s not just Wellington. Auckland and Christchurch have technology scenes just as exciting and vibrant, although maybe not as concentrated.

For a small nation, New Zealand has a wealth of technical talent. But its own resources are not enough to meet the demand for skilled workers.

Three years ago the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech) asked members to estimate how many more skilled workers they needed over and above the flow of recruits coming from the nation’s universities. They said they needed 10,000 new people over three years. The number is often quoted by politicians talking up the demand for skilled workers. Read the whole article:

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