Will your job disappear? It you have creativity, intuition and imaginative problem solving - don&#39

"Seeing our jobs replaced by machines is certainly a terrifying thought but market segments such as manufacturing have been seeing this for years. The interesting thing is that analytical jobs related to technology are in great demand in manufacturing with a major skills gap emerging. So while jobs are going away; new jobs are being created." Susan

Technology has been both a destructive and creative force. According to a 2015 paper The Future of Work in the Age of the Machine "As more jobs are automated there will be greater demand for roles that require such skills as creativity, intuition, presuasion and imaginative problem solving.

On the flip side a study by Bakhshi, Frey and Osborne called Creativity vs. Robots sponsored by charity NESTA, UK - indicated that 47 percent of U.S. jobs and 35 percent of U.K. jobs were in time likely to become computerized. The authors used a predictive model which presented the probability of finding employment in a range of jobs based on their levels of creativity. The study has been repeated several time with similar results.

According to the research, Jobs in the service industry, transportation, construction and administration support are likely to become obsolete with time. Think about your current job - will it disappear over time? Read the report Creativity vs. Robots

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