South Africa: Skills Gap is hampering businesses' recruitment efforts - PwC Report

"It is always interesting to read what is happening around the world and to reconfirm that the skills gap problem is indeed worldwide with many of the same tactics being used to close the gap. For example In South Africa they have already had to recruit from countries like India and China. Now they are looking for talent in Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines because workers from India and China are tending to remain in their home countries." Susan

More organizations are planning a hiring spree over the next 12 months as their growth prospects improve, but nearly two-thirds (63%) are concerned that they won’t be able to find the people with skills they require to fill these positions.

A global survey of over 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries discloses that after a number of years of headcount cuts, half of organizations surveyed are looking to hire again.

Organizations in the Middle East (71%), the South East Asian Nations (54%) and China (53%) plan to make the most net hires over the next 12 months, while business services (51%), insurance (49%) and technology (46%) are the sectors looking to make the most net hires.

Despite the positive outlook for jobs, the research shows that business leaders are more concerned than ever about being able to find the right people to fill these roles. Sixty-three percent of CEOs (an increase of 5% from 2013) say the availability of key skills is the biggest threat to their organisation’s growth.

CEOs in Africa (96%), the South East nations (90%) and South Africa (87%) are most concerned about the lack of skills. Technology and engineering firms are struggling the most with the shortage of skilled employees.

Gerald Seegers, Director of Human Resource Services at PwC Southern Africa, says: “The gap between the skills of the current workforce and the skills businesses need to achieve their growth plans is widening. Despite rising business confidence equating to more jobs, organizations are struggling to find the right people to fill these positions.“ Read the whole article.


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