Unicorns among Us

"I love this article by Joseph Flahiff because I believe that being able to effectively lead a distributed team is a great skill and one that few people can say they have mastered it.

As the need to manage across distance and time grows organizations need to recognize and cherish the individuals within their organization that do this job well. Treat them right and pay them well because they are Unicorns." Susan


Editor's note: This is the first of a three-part tip by management expert Joseph Flahiff on how to manage and optimize the performance of distributed teams.

Some people insist that the only way to work is in small groups of five to nine team members who are collocated: Never work remotely. Always be in the same room working face to face.

I wonder what colour the sky is where these people live. In the world where I live, working remotely -- and therefore managing a distributed team -- is a fact of life. That's especially the case for companies that grow to be a global force.

Now, I totally agree with these folks that having your team under the same roof would be ideal, but most of the time it just doesn't work that way. So how do we make the best of working remotely?

Quick definition of a team so we are all on the same page: A team is a group of interdependent people who are working together toward a common goal for which they are mutually accountable. Read the whole article.

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