The Australian tech industry will only close the skills gap if it addresses diversity

"I commend ACS for recognizing the urgent need to diversity the workforce as one of the many tactics employers should be using to solve the skills gap challenge. I agree that fundamental and urgent change to the cultural and mindset and attitudes towards mature age workers and women int he workforce are needed - but I believe they are needed around the world. At LegacyNEXT our approach is to take a holistic approach to the skills gap problem and provide employers with a roadmap that makes concrete recommendations in all key areas. " Susan

Recent research reports including the annual ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse and a report released last week by the Foundation for Young Australians have pointed to a need for a broad range of skills in the modern workforce.

One of the main findings for both reports suggests that Australia should not just rely on university graduates and foreign workers to combat the predicted shortfall in digital skills.

The solution to the shortfall must be timely and it must look at diversity.

Developing the digital skills of both existing technology workers and the broader Australian workforce will be an important factor in ensuring that there is an adequate supply of ICT skills to support the growing digital economy, and this includes women and mature age workers, who are vastly underrepresented.

The ACS report, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics, found that women comprise only 28% of ICT workers in Australia, and mature age ICT workers represent just 11%. Read the entire article.

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