In Australia: Technology jobs snatched up as skills gap closes

"This article highlights the progress that has been made in Australia around closing the skills gap. The author cites three key reasons for the success: companies are doing more to train employees, universities are more efficient in supplying the skilled talent businesses need and Australia is attracting international talent. There is a lot to be learned from their approach and success." Susan

Australia’s technology skills gap has closed by 29 per cent over the last two years, with at least a 45 per cent increase in online searches by job seekers looking for tech related roles.

A new report released today by job site Indeed has revealed an increase in the supply of tech candidates nationally, with Indeed alone having seen a 45 per cent increase in job seeker searches for tech roles over the last two years.

Despite this, 17 per cent of information and communication sector vacancies remained unfilled for over three month during the same period, and more than a third of the top 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia are IT roles.

In addition to companies doing more to train their talent, universities are now more efficiently supplying a steady stream of talent, and Australia is succeeding at attracting international talent, according to Indeed.

The highest concentration of IT job postings is currently in Melbourne and Sydney, the Indeed research found, while job seekers were five times more interested in technology-related jobs in these two cities than the rest of the country put together. Read the whole article.

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