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Who will fill the RPG and IBMi Jobs?

May 18, 2016

"This article highlights that the tech skills gap is much broader than mainframe and hard to find digital skills. It was great to read about some of the proactive work being done by Gateway Technical College and Muskegon Community College. I agree with the writers when they say it is hard to believe that more user groups have not joined forces with local community colleges to get ahead of the problem." Susan

It's not a new topic for us, but it's still a top concern--both for us personally and in the IBM i community. Who will improve, modernize and maintain the applications that have been running so many businesses so well for so many years? A significant percentage of IT staffs in IBM i shops are nearing retirement. Some of the smarter, more forward-thinking shops have taken proactive steps to move into the future, attracting and welcoming some younger developers into the IBM i and RPG families. But many seem to still be ignoring the issue. We've heard from a few even considering leaving the platform, with their primary reason for that being a lack of skills from young or old RPGers. Recently we have learned of a video produced by Char Parker which talks about Muskegon Community College's IBM i program. We met Char and some of her enthusiastic students at our RPG & DB2 Summit event in Chicago last October, but we still learned a lot more about the program from the video. Read the whole article.

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