Talent and IT Effectiveness

A recent survey published by McKinsey & Company in May, 2016 titled "Partnering to Shape the Future - iT's new imperative" provided excellent insights into the state of IT effectiveness around the world and highlights the importance of partnering with the business.

In addition to insights on partnering it found that talent continues to surface as a major obstacle to the IT function's effectiveness. This is not surprising given that if you don't have people to maintain and enhance systems or work on critical new projects or innovation initiatives this could be problematic.

A full 93% of survey respondents said that attracting IT talent is a challenge for their organization. The top two roles that business are struggling to find are analytics and joint business and IT expertise. This was followed by cloud, mobile, cyber-security, enterprise application architecture, data architecture, agile development, world class project management and partner and vendor management.

To read this excellent article authored by Naufal Khan and Jason Reynolds, principlals in McKinsey's Chicago office and Christoph Schrey, associate principal in the Chicago office and learn why partnering is so important to IT organizations CLICK HERE.

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