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Poland wants kids to code - but time is against them

"Michiel van Bloommstein has provided an excellent glimpse into the tech skills gap in Poland. They estimate the shortage of IT engineers at around 50,000. They suggest that by 2020 Europe as a whole will face a shortage of around one million developers.

Like the UK they are trying to introduce coding skills to school age children as one of several excellent initiatives and the to solve the problem. They offer computer classes at every level . The Samsung initiative called Mistrzowie Kodawania or Master of Coding where children from pre-school to high school learn to think like IT engineers was particularly interesting because they are focusing on analytical thinking, logical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. We all need these skills! " Susan Dineen "

Poland's education system has always been strong on hard science and computing, but looming skills deficits are calling for an even more radical approach.

While a Samsung-sponsored initiative has been aiming to bring skills in coding projects to even the youngest pupils since 2013, next year the country is planning to test a new primary- and secondary-school curriculum that focuses on software development.

However, both projects require creative planning and training to deal with teacher shortages and crammed curricula. Read the whole article.

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