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Three quarters of UK firms believe tech skills gap could be solved by apprenticeships

A article by Clare McDonald, Business Editor at, talks about the skills gap in the UK and sheds light on apprenticeship as a way to solve the gap.

In Europe the forecast is for a lack of 756,000 skilled technical workers by 2020. This reconfirms LegacyNEXT research findings that this is a worldwide challenge. We will be sharing more from around the world in the coming months. Perhaps Canada should take a closer look at what's happening in the UK and Europe and adopt some of the lessons learned.

Firms offering apprenticeships claim they are a good way to close the skills gap. One of the biggest challenges for employers seems to be as simple as being able to find out what programs and resources are available to help them get started with an apprenticeship program.

Bob Clift, head of higher education at network firm Tech Partnership provided an insightful quote: "In the face of a national IT skills shortage, tech apprentices provide a great source of talent, as well as brining new thinking and fresh enthusiasm into the business. For individuals,they are an excellent route into a secure and interesting tech career,"

Click here to read the full article:


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