At LegacyNEXT we are passionate about helping our clients develop strategies and tactics to overcome the Technology Skills Shortage.  This is a world wide and multifaceted problem. Our indepth research and understanding of best practices ensure that we can fast track the custom development of your unique Talent Master Plan. 



If you are being asked to reduce costs, introduce new applications, guarantee business continuity, maintain excellent performance and availability, adhere to compliance requirements and review new products and services all the while delivering more value to the business - the  last thing you need to worry about is a shortage of technical staff to support the organization. Hoping that the problem will go away isn't going to help.  You need a plan!  


With our Advisory Services we provide a structured methodology to develop a comprehensive program that helps you acquire, develop, and retain the next generation of technology experts for your organization. Our expertise comes from years of running IT organizations in large and small companies.  The demand for technology skills is only going to grow. Contact us to learn more about the LegacyNEXT Advisory Services and how they can help your organization overcome the technology skills gap. 



We start each of our engagements with a LegacyNext Risk Assessment. This provides a benchmark to determine the overall corporate risk and where we should focus.