The mainframe is as important to the enterprise today as it has ever been. Without people who understand your applications and environment, no one to perform timely code updates, effective hardware service, troubleshooting, and integrations with outside systems and one who knows your mission critical systems - you have a business RISK! 


This is a RISK like no other:  

  • The baby boomer generation are nearing retirement.  In fact the youngest baby boomer is now 52 years old. If you are in an Enterprise organization then you know that the retirement timeline is a combination of age and years of service.  This means that your dedicated team of mainframers could retire well before sixty-five... 

  • Few schools are teaching mainframe skills any more and those that do are often only teaching a few courses... 

  • There are fewer young people going into ICT as a career and...

  • Those grad's coming out of ICT programs are not interested in the mainframe environment prefering mobile, social or cloud.


Video:  Legacy Mainframe People Risk

At LegacyNEXT we provide talent strategies to mitigate the risk associated with the Mainframe Skills Shortage. We understand the problems and we have researched and identified options that can fast track putting you back in-control!  


Our five point framework allows us to work with you to develop a custom strategy for your unique mainframe environment,  

accompanied by a suite of tactical recommendations that will reduce your risk and allow you to confidently stand in front of your leadership team or board with a 'Mainframe Skills Gap Master Plan'.




        Reduce Risk | Achieve Control | Optimize Resources |Control Costs