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While debate still continues over the extent of the digital skills shortage, Amazon has launched a program that will provide tech industry training and job placements.

Editor's Comments:  Organizations must accept that the tech skills gap is real and not going away with...

Editor's Comments:  Vet's bring many skills to the tech workplace including - mission mindset, punctuality, communication skills, teamwork, leadership, grit, fitness and persistence to name a few. Organizations, like Amazon,  are starting to  realize that by taking a c...

Comment from Susan:  Tech companies like IBM, Accenture, Amazon and Microsoft are looking for ways to close the skills gap.  With limits on immigration and visa restrictions looking to the veteran population to fill vital positions makes a lot of sense.  

IBM recen...

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    Skills Gap Tip #9 - Don't let the skills gap hold you hostage!

    October 3, 2017

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