LegacyNEXT is a refreshing approach to strategic technology workforce planning that blends business and technology for maximum results!  


Our expertise is in developing strategies to mitigate the risk associated with the Technology Skills Gap.  Our advisory service covers talent strategies for mainframe and digital environments as well as manufacturing. We specialize in strategies around hard to find skills. Our goal is to provide you with a blueprint to manage your skills shortage problem and make you the employer of choice. 

We provide a structured methodology to develop a comprehensive Skills Gap Master Plan  that helps you find, develop and retain the next generation of technology experts for your organization. We are skilled in IT strategy, project management and have a proven communications framework. Our consistent approach means that core tasks and deliverables are consistent from one project to the next, thus ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


We do not leave a lot to chance.  We develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the overall vision and offers detailed and actionable recommendations.  For each area analyzed we offer a series of options.  To leverage your budget , we take into account any existing programs that you may have in place.   You select the options that best align to your business and technology talent objectives. The detailed plan provides a clear view of how to move forward and feel totally "in control" again.